Tuesday, 3 January 2012

(20120103) Ice-Breakers!

In this group activity, you are going to know a couple of classmates better, and share this in the class blog.

1. Self-Introduction [5 minutes]

(a) Each member will have 1-minute to do a self introduction.
Suggested talking points:
  • Your name. Birthday month.
  • Which part of Singapore you live in? How do you come to school?
  • What are your favourite pastimes and interests? What you enjoy to do when not studying?
  • What is your greatest satisfaction/achievement in your primary school day?
  • (exclude PSLE or school exams) Examples: Learnt to cook a meal for your family; Cycle around the island with parents
(b) Listen attentively while your group member is talking.
Try to identify things that are similar or contrasting between both of you.

2. Sharing with others

(a) Using PhotoBooth, take a picture of the group [5 minutes]
  • To activate PhotoBooth, go to Spotlight at the top right corner and key in "PhotoBooth". Choose the application to activate it.
  • You may explore the different effects in PhotoBooth and choose one for your group photo.
  • Drag the photo onto the Desktop.
(b) Craft the "introduction" in the email [10 minutes]
  • The person whose learning device is used will login to his/her personal email account.
  • As a group, craft a few paragraphs to share the class so that the rest of the classmates will know you better.
  • E.g. Both of us live in the opposite ends of the Singapore island, one at Pulau Ubin while the other at Tuas. While we enjoy sports, Geraldine likes to swim while I (Karen) like to play basketball.
(c) Posting to the class blog [5 min]
  • Attach the photograph (from the desktop) to the email.
  • Set the "Subject" of the email to "Getting to know... Name1, Name2 and Name3"
  • Email the text and attached photo to ismarini_ismail1.2012s103@blogger.com
  • Your text and photograph will be posted into the class blog.
  • Now, reload the webpage to view the blog post.


  1. Hi! I am your PSL for this whole orientation! :D
    Please to meet you!

  2. I am a fan of One Direction. :D

  3. I am from Compassvale Primary School. I like to cycle and swim.

  4. Hi my name is Berwyn. I was from Punggol primary school, i come to SST by MRT.Please to meet u.

  5. 1. I'm Dylan and I'm from Anderson Primary Schoool
    2. I'm a boy and not a girl.
    3. I like Star Wars fan and a Manchester United Fan
    4. I like lego of all types

  6. I'm a EX-student of NYPS>Just came back from a 1 month trip to South America 13 days ago and a 3/4 month trip from Tibet in China.

  7. Hi! I'm Ben and I'm from South View Primary.

    Hi! This is Shaquille, I am from Xingnan Primary.

    We like to play computer games.

  8. HI!!!!!!!!!!

    My name is Tan Ming Chuan. I come from West Grove Primary School. I play shooter games. In-game, I usually go by the name Mr Moo Moo Head. BTW i hate my sister.


  9. Hi, I'm Michael. I'm previously from New Town Primary School.

  10. I like SNSD

  11. I'm Ibrahim and i'm great at Minecraft and Blackshot!!! ;)

  12. I am Wun Juan from Xingnan Primary school.
    I like to play basketball and computer games.

  13. I'm from White Sands Primary School and I like to play computer games.

  14. I am Shaun Neo. I come from Saint Andrew's Junior School. I have a dog.

  15. Really, I'm not lying! i did go on those trips

  16. I am Ikmal. I come from Northspring Primary School. I like to read books.

  17. I am Ain. I like One Direction and food. :D

  18. Btw, i play the cracked version of mine craft. (some sort hack)

  19. I am JunKai and i am from Lakeside Primary School. I am using Michael's Mac:)

  20. I am Douglas and I like photography, FPS games and reading.

  21. Hi...my name is liying.i am from Gan Eng Seng primary.I come to sst by MRT.It's my pleasure to meet you...:)