Monday, 9 January 2012

Joywork 9 Jan 2012 (Mon)

1 Read Through the Roles and Responsibilities of Class Committee Members.


  1. Hi. Ain here.
    I couldn't log in to the class blog yet but I will update the joywork for today, 9 January 2012.

    For english - The All About Me and My Expectations during an English lesson, in keynote or by sending it in your email to

    For Maths-You have to answer the questions on the Lesson 1 (01) post by commenting on it.

    That's all for the joy work! :D

  2. (10/1/12) This is the list of homework for today
    1)Geography - MindNode
    2)Mathematics - Blog Lesson 1(02) and Lesson 1(03)
    3)Recording of video/audio of what you have learnt about the Learning Device.

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  4. This is the homework for today(11/1/12)
    1)History-find out what is historiography
    2)ADMT-Design the first page first page of your sketch book
    3)History-Create the folders Ms Lim asked you to create

  5. Hey guys, I think that next time we should post the hw on a new post, so that this post won't clog up. Thanks:D.

  6. Ryan here, fever has gone down a little, yesterday was 39.2. Should be back in school by 13TH. thanks 4 keeping me updated.

  7. Jan 12, 2012 01:37PM

    Todays homework is ADMT, English and Geography

  8. What do we have to do for eng and geo

  9. can you clarify today's homework?

  10. Hi guys...sorry for posting it so late...
    Today's joywork is English-find a good speech on youtube and post it on the english blog..million thanks

    Li ying