Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Orientation Day 2 ( Liew Yee Theng -2 )

  Today, the whole cohort played a game of Amazing Race. It was enjoyable and fun experience for me. Also, through this game, I have learnt quite some things.
  I think the most memorable game was the Egg And Spoon. Through this game, I have learnt that teamwork and co-operation is very important to actually transport as many ping pong balls to the destinated area in the shortest possible time. Without co-operating, we can't achieve much. Without teamwork, we can't even do a single thing.
    I feel  that working with my classmates is quite alright. They're actually willing to hear other people's suggestions and can come to an agreement. I also kind of feel awkward working together with them since we don't quite know about each other.
   I think that we weren't really co-operative at first but we slowly learn how to co-operate through the different activities. Before we actually became a little more co-operative, we used to just say our own suggestions without listening to the others. Then, as we slowly became co-poperative, we took turns to say out suggestions and listen to one another.
 Finally, I think my role is to help the others, listen to suggestions given and actually carry it out so that we can finish up the task we're given in a shorter period of time.

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