Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Orientation Day 2 (Lim Ing- 3)

  Today I had an eventful day. The entire cohort played The Amazing Race. It was really fun and also beneficial as there were a couple of things I have learnt.
  I think the most memorable activity today was the Flip The Cup Game as both teams did not play fair. In that game I learnt a lot about integrity, respect and good sportsmanship from the students in charge.
  I feel it was not that bad working with my new classmates. They were quite cooperative and were easy to talk to as they allowed each other to speak and share thoughts.
  Lastly, my role in the SST community is to be as useful as I can ( In anyway )to help others here out and lighten their load. 
  • Which is the most memorable activity today?
  • How do you feel when you work with your new classmates? Why?
  • Are your classmates co-operative? Why?
Think further...
  • What is your role to play in this community?

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