Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Reflection from li ying(4)

My first impression of sst was that the school was very new,beautiful,and amazing campus.The seniors were very helpful and i felt that the school was rather warm and nice.The teachers' were kind,gentle and understanding.

SST is also very different from other schools...they started the year off with fun games which makes me feel very comfortable and more close to my classmates.The teachers also don't shout at us to get our attention when we get noisy or rowdy,but they try to let us realise what we had done wrong by oursleves.I think that the PSL helped us alot and they are great role models for us.They also thought us some cheer and brought fun to our class.i felt great to have PSLs' like them.

It was very tiring,but fun and i felt that we felt closer with each other.We also joke around with each other quite often.:DI would also like to thank the PSL for entertaining and helping us,and the think we should learn from their attitude.They could have gone home quiet early but they stayed back to help us despite the fact that they are tired...A BIG THANKS TO THE SST FAMILY...i feel proud to be a sst student.:)

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