Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Reflection From Muhammad Ibrahim (11)

Today was one of the most exhausting day of my life but at the same time i felt really happy as i made a lot of new friends. My first impression of SST was that the school was really huge. The P.S.Ls, Peer Student Leaders, were really hardworking, helpful and fun-filled. My goal is to introduce people to SST and invent or improvise things for the good use of mankind. Sometime i would use motor from a toy car to make conveyor belt to transport stuff. I would like to know my new friends dreams and find out they like and what they dislike. In my opinion, the team work between the students makes SST a community. The difference about the SST community is that everyone treats each other like family. The students RESPECT each other, they are RESPONSIBLE for their act, they know how to build RELATIONSHIP and 1 more R which escapes me.

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