Saturday, 7 January 2012

Reflections for the next 3 days by Shaquille[13]

Day 2: For me, Ballon Tag is the most memorable activity. I had so much fun chasing and dodging other people from the other classes although it was tiring. I felt uneasy at first, working with my new classmates as I have not known them much yet but after a while, I felt comfortable and happy working with them. Yes, they are co-operative as we all co-operate to think of a plan to finish the task or activity given. I think my role in the SST community is to respect other people, to remember the values and participate in any activity if I can.

Day 3: I think the memorable situation where I think we have done well in is in the night walk, where we were blindfolded and had to rely on other classmates on where to go. I was really fun. We worked together pretty well, especially the part where we had to hold the pail with our legs. I think our strengths are that we work together and can communicate well. Our weaknesses are that when we fail to complete or win in an activity, we tend to blame each other. I think I can communicate well and will at least contribute to this community in a way or another.

Day 4: The most memorable activity for the whole orientation got to be the water bomb fight. Had so much fun watching and throwing the bombs at other friends and even the PSLs. The experience there was really exciting and fun. I will the never forget it. I think the most important value in my school life is responsibility. We might have respect, but we need responsibility to do most of the things in our life, like keeping a promise, taking care of a friend, etc. I think the traits are clearly in our values, the 10Cs, 4Rs, and 3Es. I think that the expectations of a SST students is to be a well-valued, respectful and both a global and a digital citizen

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