Sunday, 8 January 2012

Reflections for the orientation camp by Ben

Day 2: The most memorable activity was the balloon tag, although we lost I had a lot of fun trying to step on other people's balloon. From this activity, i learned to 
work better with my classmates.

Day 3: The most memorable activity was the nightwalk, i think our class did pretty well in passing the message from the front to the back. We learned to rely on one another during the activity. But our weakness is that everytime we made a mistake, we would push the blame to other people. I think we should have courage to admit our mistakes instead of denying it.

Day 4: The most memorable activity was the badge ceremony, when we wore our badges, it meant that we were official SST students and know how to exercise self discipline as well as the 4Rs,10Cs and the 3Es

Overall,i find that the orientation camp is very fun and interesting, and its all thanks to teachers and PSLs. Thank you teachers and PSLs.

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