Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Reflections from Shaun Neo (17)

Impression: The school was big and overwhelming and when I first reached school I had no idea where to go. But the helpful seniors came and help me start my school life here. The volunteering Sec 2 and 3s were really impressive. I liked my form and assistant-form teachers as they were very cheery and kind. I hoped to have nice cafeteria food but it fell below expectations.

Goal: My goal is to strive and achieve great heights in a brand new school in hope to make my parents proud.

Know about friends: I would like to get to know my classmates names.

SST as a community: Its a loving and sharing community where each student is an equal.

What makes SST different: The way of learning is much different as we do not learn through listening, but by trying it ourselves.

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