Friday, 24 February 2012

Homework - 24/2/12

English  - if you haven't finish finding the travelogues and words/connotations, please do it and save your link(through pages or stickies.)

Malay   - Continue to study and memorise the peribahasa-peribahasa in textbook A and B.
Maths   - x.
Geog     - Do the MCQuestions on page 8-11 on your geo book. Finish the Mapping Intro WS.
History - Find out more about the Tollund man.
Science - Car project.
ADMT - Homework is stated here! (click!)
Others  - Read and comment the blog posts below which were posted by Irfan.

Have a great weekend ahead! :) ain~ ( • ◡ • ) ゝ

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