Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Joywork 21/2/12

1) 'How to make the classroom a more conducive environment' Comment on this post
2) 'Your thoughts on decorating the notice board.' Eg. theme for each notice board,class mascot,rules and regulation. comment your answer on this post.
3)Please write down your Level Test results in a notebook or on  stickies in preparation for reflections during CE Lessons.  
4)Complete math worksheet correction
5)complete ICT if you have not


  1. 1)be more respectful to teachers and not be too noisy like during ict and also ask more question.
    2)for decorations maybe art pieces and class motto.

  2. 1) When someone is contributing ideas to the class, everyone should listen.
    Respect classmates and teachers
    2)Use colorful paper to decorate the noticeboard

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