Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Joywork 7/3/12

SORRY! posted late, forgotten. (ノдヽ)

Geography - Do page 2-17 if you haven't done them.
ADMT        - Finish your name card, more information in the ADMT Facebook page.
Science        - Complete the WHOLE science worksheet that we were suppose to finish it in class.
English        - 50 words must be in your Vocabulary Book, memorise half of them and their meanings.
ICT             - Complete your keynote animation about your family/CCA.

Don't forget your PTs!

ain. xxx


  1. Btw, i think you forgot the birthday thingy for SST. right??... And those who didn't get their new ez-link card, tmr collect from general office. :)

  2. The CE Keynote was to be submitted by Monday. Yup, SHAUN, LIM ING, IKMAL AND IBRAHIM, meet me sometime at school to get your ezlink card from the office.

  3. 50 words is just outrageous!

  4. Is that maximum or minimum?