Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Joywork - 18/4/12

ADMT - Finish up your sketch of your packaging/layout, post it on FB. Choose a layout, and answer the following questions: What is the intended message? How does your design communicate the intended message?
             - Do a one-point perspective sketch of your packaging, include the necessary anatomy of your packaging e.g. barcode.
             - Bring Colour pencils, Markers, Pens/Coloured Pens and Magazine cut-outs.
             - Refer to the picture for guidance. Oh, don't mind the bad quality of the picture. Taken by the oh-so-great photobooth.
History - Read up chapter 2 of the history book.
ICT      - Remember to complete your song on GarageBand.

Lastly, play pokemon. :D

ain. xxx

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