Thursday, 12 July 2012

Joywork - 12/7/12

- You are to do a little research on a certain topic with your group-mates. Refer everything to Page 7 of the notes that we were given today. Dateline: Monday!
- This is optional, but you can finish page 8 & 9.

- Please finish up on your individual report. Visit here for more information regarding that.

- Reminder: Note that the dateline for the English PT is on Tuesday. Try to finish everything by Monday.

- Finish worksheet 4 & 5 and hand it up to Lim Ing tomorrow.

- Complete all the questions in the recent worksheet given. Hand it in to me (Ain, umm duh xD) before assembly.

11 more days to the level tests.

you're welcome.
ain. xxx

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