Saturday, 7 January 2012

Berwyn Reflection day 4

Throughout the whole orientation week, for me the most memorable activity was the badge ceremony.It indicates that we are officially SST students,it also indicate that we know what is expected of us and that we should know and live out the 4Rs,10Cs and the 3Es.

Overall I find the whole experience in SST to be fun and engaging,we also have to cooperate as a class to finish some of the activities.For me the most important value is RESPECT,without it we can be responsible,courageous,etc but if we do not show RESPECT to others, we would be rude and disrespectful to other.We also would not listen to instructions and be a pest to everyone.

The traits of a SST student is RESPECT, ResponsibilityReflection and Relationship. There is also the 10Cs and the 3Es.

As a SST student, I want to be more social and courageous person,I would also want to be respectful to everybody and be responsible for all my things.The last thing I expect to be is to live out the SST values-the 10Cs,3Es and 4Rs. 

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