Saturday, 7 January 2012

Reflections for the 4 days (Dylan)

Day 1:

Day 2:
The most memorable activity was the balloon tag as it was very fun. I feel awkward as I played with a new group of friends which I had just known. My classmates are co-operative and they plan strategies for the plan. Once the strategy is planned, they concentrate on that plan.

Day 3:
I think I did well most in the night walk as I think I was very co-operative. I think that they worked together by co-operating whether without using signals or with signals. I think our strengths are games which involves brainstorming. However, when we fail at a game, we will usually point fingers at others for failing to do their job. Through this I am more confident I will try not to do this again in future.

Day 4:
I think the most memorable activity was the water bomb war as it involves co-operation from all of the classmates. hen one slacks or isn't alert, the whole game will be a failure. I find the whole experience in SST very memorable as I got to meet new friends and play with them. I think Responsibility and Respect are the most important values as we use then in everyday life. I think we must be polite and sincere to others especially to the seniors and teachers for organising the orientation camp and it was lots of fun.

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