Saturday, 7 January 2012

Day 2, 3 and 4

Day 2:

Day 2 was really fun and exciting. My favourite game was the balloon tag as it was really challenging even though we lost. Working with my classmates was quite an experience I would never forget. Though I was completely exhausted by the end of the day, I enjoyed the time here at SST. I think my role in the SST community is to participate in the class activities whenever I can

Day 3:

Day 3's most memorable situation fr the day was the night walk. We had to rely on the person in front of us to give us the proper instructions and trust them. This really helped the class to bond well together. Most of my classmates are cooperative when we all want to achieve our goals. I hope that I can contribute to the SST society more and more and be confident in everything I do.

Day 4:

The most fun and memorable activity was the Wet Sponge game where our class was divided into 2 and had to try to wet the other's side newspaper. The experience in SST so far has been pretty enjoyable. The most important value in school is Responsibilty and Cooperation. We should be thankful to every PSL that helped plan this camp.

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