Saturday, 7 January 2012

Reflections For Day 3

  Day 3 was the start of our residential camp. We went to West Coast Park in the morning for our West Coast Race. It was fun and exciting, not to mention that it made our class bond closer. After returning to school, we had wet games and the Night Walk. I feel that the most memorable activity of the day was the Night Walk.
  I think after the past three days of working together as a class, we seem to bond closer and we became more co-operative. I think the 2 strength of our class is that we're determine to complete the task set for us and we are loud while the 2 weaknesses are that we aren't really co-operative and that we don't really listen carefully to instructions given due to eagerness to start the activity.
  Despite this, I have confidence that we can do better and outshine the rest :D ( sorry if it sounds a little offensive to other classes)

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