Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Reflection from Lim Ing (3)

Today was a fresh new start for us secondary ones. When I first step into SST, a few friendly seniors ushered me to where my class was. I sat there as the new school term begun...
Now as I sit here typing, hoping to complete today's assignment as quick as possible, I wonder, how many of us actually think of what had happen today? Are we just reflecting because we have to? As an SST student I think it's time to put in some effort in our assignment.
Unlike normal schools, SST started the year off with some fun and games. First we met our PSLs who entertained us with some games. I think we have a lot to learn from them. They helped us without hesitation. When we were rowdy,they did not give up on us. They constantly reminded us about our behavior. But what I liked best about them were their attitude. In my opinion, they make great role models for us to learn from.
Through the games that we played as a class, I learnt about teamwork, respect and co-operation. To listen to other peers' opinions whether right or wrong in ours. To understand why their thinking is so, and how we can together improve as a class.
In conclusion, Today was a day for learning from my new classmates, a day for sharing thoughts, and a good day, that I will look back on and remember the first things SST thought me.

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