Saturday, 7 January 2012

Reflections of Day 4 ( Lim Ing: 3)

Yesterday was the last day of the Orientation. The most memorable activity was the badge ceremony as we were to receive our badges and become an SST students.
  I find that the experience in SST is very engaging as all the activities we did were not only interesting but taught me values too.
  In my school life, I think the value respect is most important. it teaches us how to respect others as well as ourselves.
  I expect myself to carry out the 10 Cs, 3Es, and the 4Rs as they are all extremely important and as an SST student, we should all act and think like that in order to be successful ^_^.

  • What is the most memorable activity of the whole Orientation?
  • How do you find the whole experience in SST?
  • What value do you think is the most important in your school life?
Think further...
  • What are the traits (e.g. values,dispositions etc) of a SST student?
  • What are the expectations of you, as a SST student?

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