Saturday, 7 January 2012

S1-03 Blog Reflections for Day2/3/4of Orientation

On Day 2 : The most memorable activity was the balloon tag (although i kind of hate it), i like it because i could dodge the opponents attack and they could only burst my balloon when half a cass ganged against me which was awesome ,as it meant that i was  hard to "take down".Through the day , i got  more farmiliar with my classmates and worked together alot well. I got along with the class very well and got to know them more because everybody worked together well and had good sportsmanship.My classmates might be a bit unco-operative but it is due to some reasons that led them to that state.I think that the my role in this wonderful community is to work with my class and respect everybody.
On Day 3 :I think i have done well in the nightwalk because the nightwalk is to teach you more to communicate, and everybody in the class passed the message on very well.I feel great as everybody got along beter.Our class's strength is we have good teamwork and can respect each other. Our weaknesses are we tend to be rebellious sometimes blaming one another, and some of us might get ëmotional" sometimes. We,as a class. can get aong well.I learned that communication is important for a group to not go down.I see me and my class progressing very well.
On Day 4 :The most memorabe activity during the whole of orientation was the wer activities especially the water balloon fight.The entire orientation experience was fun and exciting.The values i think which are very important in school life are Patience,Unity,Communication and lastly Teamwork. We must respect one another and be responsible for what we have done , mostly we must follow our 4Rs,10Cs and the 3Es. The expectations of a SST student is to work hard ,excel in sutdies, behave well in the real world and the cyber world and never do anything wrong, even if we make mistakes we must be responsible enough to admit and reflect on what we have done.

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