Sunday, 8 January 2012

Reflections for the orientation camp 2012 from Irfan

DAY 1: Already posted
DAY 2: The most memorable activity was the balloon tag.Although we did not win, I had fun. The class really cooperated with each other very well. I felt awkward talking to my friends as I did not know their names.

DAY 3:The most memorable activity was the water bomb war.Everyone worked together well(it would be more fun if I had been more alert). Our class was great at contributing strategies and brainstorming.Our weaknesses were, when we lose, we blame people. Overall, the day was very fun.

DAY 4:The most memorable activity was the water bomb war.It was very fun and I also learnt a lot from it. The whole experience in SST was very memorable. I made a new bunch of friends. Respect is the most important value as we must listen to one another to work together. I really really appreciate the PSLs,seniors and teachers for sacrificing their time to organize this orientation camp. Thank You PSLs, seniors and teachers.

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