Sunday, 8 January 2012

Reflections for day three and day four(Li ying 4)

Day 3:The most memorable situation was the night walk and the water balloon fight.I think that our class has cooperated better and more understanding.We have the determination and fast responding,but we are sometimes too noisy and cannot hear the instructions given clearly.When we lose,we will also quarrel and blame each other.

In the past two days,I learn that we must cooperate with each other and listen to their suggestion.We have also became closer to each other and got to know each other better.

Day 4:I think the most memorable activity of the whole orientation was the wet games,balloon tag and the night walk.I find the experience in sst fun,exciting,amazing,tired and happy.:)

I think the most important value is respect and responsibility.If we don't show respect,we would be rude and disrespectful.

The traits of a SST student is respect, responsibility, reflection and relationship. There is also the 10Cs and the 3Es.

As a sst student ,i would like to be a more courageous, self-confidence student and to be able to lead others.I would also want to show respect and cooperate with my classmates well.Lastly,i would like to thank all the PSL for organizing the whole orientation camp and making the camp fun.

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